Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we decided to go fishing and take a picnic up American Fork Canyon. Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera (as usual) so I don't have pictures.

We found a nice picnic spot where we could light a campfire and let the girls run around and play on the rocks. We cooked hot dogs over the campfire and the girls did not even light each other on fire! We also roasted marshmallows and the girls did not light each other on fire! Yay!

After our picnic we drove up to the lake to try our luck at fishing. Now, if you have never gone fishing with four little girls I am not sure if I would recommend it. As soon as Lance had one pole set up and cast he had to re do another one. I wasn't much help either, I don't have much balance at this point and was proud of myself for just getting to the fishing spot. I just sat and watched the chaos. Anyways, by the time they were all actually fishing the five year olds had decided they were bored and tired. I think if they actually caught a fish they would be more into it,  but they just weren't biting. Sasha and Hannah had fun though even though we ended up having to go home fishless.

 Oh well.. we'll try again... on Not Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Opera Night

Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully I will continue to update it.

Every Wednesday night is date night for us. Hannah and Elle go with their mom on Wednesday nights and Sasha and Valerie go over to their grandma's for a while. Usually we will go out to dinner, get some shopping done or cook ourselves a fancy dinner that the girls would complain about. Well, I recently signed up with a really cool coupon website where they offer a different deal every day, I think they have it in all of the big cities but the ones I get are for local restaurants and events. I have only purchased one so far and it was awesome!!! Two tickets to the Utah Opera for $20. We got good seats too, I looked it up and the area we were sitting in cost over $60 per ticket!
Well since we enjoy being fancy when we do fancy stuff we both dressed up. Lance wore his wedding suit and I wore a dress that I bought from Motherhood. I'm not really big on buying maternity clothes but, hey, it was on sale!
The opera that we saw what actually two one part operas. They were written by Puccini, and they were really different from each other. The first was called Suor Angelica. It is about a nun and had a sad but happy ending. I really enjoyed it and thought the main singer had a beautiful voice. Lance said that he prefers viking operas to nun operas but he agreed with me about her voice.
The second one was called Gianni Schicchi. This one was a comedy about a dead guy who's relatives fight over their inheritance. We both really liked it.
Oh, and we had fun hanging out with all the old people, apparently opera is very popular with the over 70 crowd.

Here is a link for the coupon site that I used. You don't have to pay anything or sign anyone up and it really does offer some amazing deals. The catch is that there is one offer per day and a certain number of people have to sign up for it or the deal is off. Seems pretty cool to me!

So that is the story of our most recent date night.